The Briefing: “In 1949, Ioannis Dritsas set up his small business in the city centre in Athens Greece by producing high quality smoking accessories that changed the way millions of people enjoyed their favourite smoking habit with less hazardous effects. They are produced in Greece by supreme certified raw materials and they are currently used worldwide.”
The task was to retouch the Evans logotype, re-design the disposable filters packaging and create a new corporate and web identity for the brand. Old – Fresh – Bright was the three key words we were given from the client.

The Design: After being briefed from and learn the brand’s story that goes back to 1949, we had in mind we need to build something that stands out of the competition.
After creating a mood-board with all the information we had about the past, we start designing every aspect of the brand under a new perception, with respect to the roots.
We came up with an identity bold and bright, with modern elements that pays respect to every single line on the history of the brand.

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