Single Origin Coffee by Kawa Coffees

The Briefing: Our task was to create a product identity for the new Single Origin coffees of the Greek brand Kawacom, which will be under the umbrella of KAWA Coffees products. The client wanted to have a single universal bag for every origin, so we had to create a system that will distinguish each origin and will be applied with a sticker.

The Design: First of all we split our location into three groups, Africa, South America and Central America. Then we create a minimal bag with white background and the global map showing the multicultural character of the product, we used the colour palette of the KAWA Coffees identity to build a bond with the new product. After completing the bag design we used it as a canvas to apply the system. Inspired from the local culture and nature, we made three illustrations, one for each area. The concept was to treat the stickers as passports, so we try to make the illustrations like passport stamps. Combining the illustrations with bright colours inspired by each area’s nature, we came up with yellow and red for Africa’s savanna, red and white for Central America’s deserts and two tone green for the South America’s forests.